Corporate Social Responsibilty

As a part of Joint Host's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we strive to better our community and beyond through active collaborations with various organizations.

Free Beverage Distribution Collaboration

  • During the hot summer months, we've collaborated with charity organizations to distribute refreshing beverages free of charge to disadvantaged groups. This initiative helps bring a moment of relief to those who need it most during the sweltering heat.

Rapid Response to COVID-19

  • In our rapid response to COVID-19, we have facilitated the distribution of Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits by providing vending machines to the Government of Hong Kong (GOVHK). These machines allow the public to redeem the kits for free using their Octopus cards, thereby increasing the accessibility and availability of these essential testing tools.

Supply of Surgical Masks

  • Recognizing the vital role of personal protective equipment during the pandemic, we've collaborated with various institutions to supply surgical masks to schools, hospitals, and our clients. This initiative ensures that everyone within these settings has access to the necessary protective gear.
  • Through these collaborative initiatives, Joint Host demonstrates its commitment as a responsible corporate entity, constantly seeking ways to positively affect society beyond our business operations. With your support, we can continue these valuable contributions. Together, we can make a difference.